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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Tue 23 Feb 2010 14:03
Message for Emily. Could you please bring with you:
5 packets of roquefort and 5 packets of tesco value smoked salmon. You need to freeze these and wrap them in a towel and put them in your suitcase.
2  100g jars of "blend" 37 coffee
Lip sunblock stick and large suncream factor 20 or so for you.
2 pkts of "value" cheddar
2 x Hi Juice 
"Free From" pasta and bread for Bryony and 1 soya milk.
Also, please can you pick up stuff from Sophie too.  Many thanks. XXXXXX 
Halloooooooo anyone who might be reading this.
We are having a wonderful time, Astrid and Patrick are aboard and we are currently at Tobago Cays.. which is one of the most beautiful natural places I have ever seen. To my right is a small island, with a white sandy beach and coconut trees swaying in the wind; strung between them are washing lines full of colourful fluttering sarongs and Caribeean shirts for sale. To my left is a smaller island with a small deserted sandy beach...  apart from an extraordinary prehistoric looking iguana strutting along it!  Behind and in front of us is the most beautiful clear turquoise waters, with yachts at anchor behind the coral reefs which are protecting us from the full swell of the Atlantic Ocean. Paradise!
Yesterday, we snorkelled for hours following the turtles as they floated gracefully up to the surface for air, and then down again to the sea bed to munch on the sea weed.  Fantastic.
For dinner we bought 2 lobsters off the fishermen, which we consumed with a delicious Muscadet..  But.........we've now run out of most of our fresh food... so it's back to the tins tonight left over from the Atlantic Crossing.
We are so lucky to be here, it really is quite magnificent...   Tomorrow we sstart going back north to drop the others off on Fridayat St Vincent.
Love to you all....        XXXXXX