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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Fri 8 Jan 2010 19:23
Hey whoopee! We're now officially in the Tropics!  Bit of a busy night.... pole out, pole in, pole out ... lots of rolling around and very little sleep, but at least we all have our sea legs today!  Most of the day we've been goosewinging... now the sun has set - 7 pm - and Kit's cooked us a great chille.. and wind is dropping, so engine has to go on.  We played Scrabble most of the afternoon... strange in the middle of the Atlantic ! It's definitely getting warmer. As we've had some currents against us and not been able to go as fast as we wished, we'll probably get to Cape Verdes on Monday evening... so will try calling family monday night or tuesday.
lots of love to family and friends from Kit and Nessa X
Hi Alison here, hello to friends and family. 3rd full day att sea 4th night tonight so after tonight we will all have done all the watches.  Its getting dark later as we go westward but a lot warmer too which is great - we're all looking a bit browner but witth two sails up and headed south west the boat is in shade after lunch unless you're on the fore deck!  Saw more birds today but no more boats and still no flying fishes!  Pretty calm tonight not much wind looks like rain on the horizon.  Head down now more tomorrow. xx