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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Thu 14 Jan 2010 20:53
Wed 14th Jan. Left Mindelo at 13.30 and said goodbye to some great local people and a string of yotties all bound across the atlantic.
The good news is that we have done 36 miles.The bad news is that we have 1981 miles to go! Forecast for the next 7 days is for light winds and we are trying to get a bit further South  with the hope of picking up a bit mre wind before steering W to Barbados.
Team all well aboard. We are fully stocked with 90 oranges 120 bananas 40 tomatoes and more!
We met a nice Doctor and Wife who are following us over and who have, like us, a satellite phone. We can keep in touch daily which is rather reassuring knowing someone else is probably within 100 miles of us.
Sun just gone down and we have just lost sight of land for two weeks. Sky ablaze with stars - what a wonderful world!
Love to all K & V
Hi Alison here.  Hello to family and friends and work colleagues! Not much time for postcards and the like in Mindelo sorry to say - busy stocking up on provisons and attempting to put photos on facebook... Kristin I hope the house and dog sitting is going well, Iona hope you get started back at Brighton soon, M&D thinking of you, Matt and all at home please raise a pint of stowford press for me at the anchor, Val and team at work thanks for the time out.
Patrick says hi to his fammily and friends he is busy doing a star sight.
xxxx to all of you