Day 17/18 38.41.43n 9.25.15w

Sun 5 Sep 2010 07:13

Saturday 4th September
Bayona is a lovely port where we enjoyed a wander through the old town and its narrow streets.  We left at sunrise yesterday, picture attached.  Unfortunately no wind and we have so far motored all the way to a position off Peniche.  With about 50 miles to go we hope to reach Cascais before 2200hrs.  Better than hectic weather I guess in this region with all the fishing pots etc.  We ate on board last night, you probably worked that out for yourself, Simon cooked up a pork a la this and that on top of the sauce the pork came with.  Delicious. We plan a last of the summer wine day in Lisbon tomorrow before setting off for Lagos on Monday.  If you read this Lawrence, I will be texting you in the hope that you may bring out some Seafresh parts for the watermaker with you to see if we can get it gong for the trip to Las Palmas.. We need fan belts and brackets for the high pressure pump of various sizes to play with to get the right fit in a tight situation.  I realize now that the fan belt fitted although unused was old and has stretched beyond usefulness.
We all wish you a Happy Birthday Lawrence and have a great party tomorrow, very sorry to be missing it.

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