ARC + 9

Tue 30 Nov 2010 10:43
Hi All
Quite a few of you following us, which is great to know.  The fleet is obviuosly having a pretty nasty time to the north.  So far we are having it comparativley easy as we head and  continue heading southwest for the time being looking for the trade winds.  Right now we are sailing in light wind. and taking adavntage of the calm conditions to make water. We feel we should be mking better progress but it would seem that we are moving up the fleet so maybe we are doing better than we think.  Thank you Jane for letting us know how we re doing.  Our daily position report from ARc shows improvement as well.
Have William and Ivo's class decided wht fish James caught ?  Well done for getting The Big Dipper correct.  Last night we saw an amazing amount of phosphoresence.  Can the class tell us what this is and why it appears?
We have had more dolphins to visit and is it a school or a pod??  We are still arguing here about that!
Our resources, fuel, food, water etc are holding up well but, of course the fresh is now gone.  The boat is in good order and working well.  Crew spirits are good. 
Jenny, will you email me on 1000knightd so I can reply. Been trying and keep getting address rejected, not stored on the Tosh.