Lawrence Watchkeeping Blogg

Wed 24 Nov 2010 07:39
All the boys sleeping soundly, its 6.25am. Took this watch over from James at 4.00am. Good man fixed me coffee as we handed over. Third day out from Las Palmas, just passed a tanker within a quarter of a mile ! First vessel seen all night. I do believe the 'See Me' radar reflector/enhancer that Richard had fitted is doing its job well (just as well).
Sea state is slight, we are running before the wind, Genoa only, bearing 230 degrees true, moving slowly away from the African coast, aiming to pass Verde islands to the north, before our right turn, on course for St Lucia. This route promises better (trade) winds, as opposed to following the Rhumb line course.
The sea to port is glowing silver with a full moon above us. Behind us are some white horses and 17 knots of wind.We are tracking at circa 6 knots, as we glide safely downwind. Up above and behind us is a sky full of clear stars, with a full view of the 'Big Dipper'. We will be sending our position, course,speed and sea state details to Chris Tibbs at 7.00am. Chris is our engaged weatherman and will send us back weather forecasts for our area and suggest course to steer, waypoint to aim at etc.
Should keep us out of any potentially bad weather, will certainly help to mitgate.
Waiting now for sunrise. Hope to get a photograph.Sail plan review in daylight. Looking forward to breakfast. Alls well  L.
PS: Using Sextant. Taking three sitings  every day since Monday. Early days ends.