Day 8

Wed 25 Aug 2010 13:16
Wednesday 25th August (2nd blog)
There  was no weather window today after all.  So on to Plan B.  Both Rob and Tom are running out of time and so we are going to change crew in Falmouth instead of La Coruna.  Sadly Rob and Tom will be departing tomorrow and Simon and Mark will join us tomorrow evening in the hope that there will be an improvement in the weather which would enable us to leave Falmouth on Friday.  Both Rob and Tom have been great crew and can sail with Anthony and I any time, hopefully in sunnier climes.  After much laughter, Rob's good food and our sometimes desperate attempts to discover something he does not know we will miss him.  Tom is a very resourceful chap who when half way up the mast fixing deck lights and with no more halyards available can see how to get tools up to him without lowering him all the way down again.  We fancy we have now thoroughly prepared him to take on the Army and we will miss him too.
The forehatch is leaking again and so out must come the silicone tube again, maybe we should just silicone the whole deck and be done with it!
I hope the next blog on Friday will report some progress.