ARC + 21

Sun 12 Dec 2010 16:48
We have had some issues over the last 48 hours which we hope we have now got under control lest you girls at home think this is just a jolly!.
The spinnaker pole mast fitting car failure has set us back some because we have not been able to sail direct downwind. Our course looks like a drunk's late night stagger home.  James and Lawrence have fitted the car back to the track on the mast with straps and we have now got the genoa poled out and we are back on course with 500 miles to go.
There has also been a massive drying and cleaning session today after yesterday's water ingress disaster.  Skipper now  has a new procedure in place for hatch control! 
We have got our battery charging backunder control having worked that it is the bow light which has water in it and shorting.   We sail with the anchor light now because the tricolour has failed, probably because the LED bulb is too heavy for the bayonet socket we think.
We are still eating well, now out of tins and we are knocking off them miles at between 6 and 7 knts at the moment.  The wind is expected to reduce and we are still hoping  for arrival on wednesday.