ARC + 24

Wed 15 Dec 2010 19:39
 Big excitement again today when James caught a 4.5lb tuna.  We had tuna steaks for lunch which was a welcome change from pasta. A piccy has been sent by separate email. Also one of Astro man to prove he has been taking sights, but still no positions!
We have now done 24 days and into the 25th!  The wind is much reduced today to less than 10 knots and we are achieving only 4 - 5 knots under main and cruising chute.   At this rate we will be arriving at about 0600 in the morning. 
But it is a beautiful afternoon and we are fortunate not to have encountered really bad weather on this trip.
We have not run out of food but the choices ar now seriously reduced and we are looking forward to a hearty breakfast in the marina tomorrow.
Last night we saw flashes of light dash across the sky, they came and went in a mico second.  I wonder if our classrooms can guess what they are.called
So the last question for you all is, were they
Heavenly lights,
Shooting stars, or
Witches trails  (of burning broomsticks)
I will blog again after we arrive and add some more pics when I can be online.