ARC + 1

Mon 22 Nov 2010 17:32
We are enjoying lunch on a sunny day out here south of Gran Canaria.  Our first 24 hours accomplished after an exciting start yesterday.  I expect there will be lots of pics on the arc website.  
We realised we may be getting too close to Africa when a menacing looking motor boat bore down us with lots of guys with black eye patches, wooden legs and bg cutlasses.  William and Ivo, your daddies were very brave, shouting  Ra Ra....lets do team.. etc...  The speeding boat turned and sped away clearly very frightened.
Winds have been fairly constant NE about 15 knots. 
Later this afternoon we had some more visitors.  there were about ten of them with two babies and smiley faces.  They stayed and played for about 15 minutes.  I wonder if William and Ivo's class can get who they were..  Tell you tomorrow.  Will try to ask questions during our trip so keep a record of your answers and there will be a prize for the one who gets the most correct answers.  Any one under 11 can join in. 
We are expecting the winds to lighten over the next few days.  We are not sure were we are in the fleet at the moment, perhaps you could look on the ARC website for us in class and let us know  We think we are near the back with a bath tub behind us.  It is tactics you see...the hare and the tortoise...
Blog again tomorrow.