Fri 20 Aug 2010 12:02
Hi folks, first of all many thanks to all our shore leaving party, aside from drinking us dry and so ensuring a safer voyage, we were genuinely delighted to have such a brilliant send off.  Hopefully what follows will be as fun and as memorable.
Well, as no doubt some expected, once past Hurst we found ourselves in short, steep, cross waves with 30 knots of wind on the nose.  Fun conditions for the maiden. Having left Lym at 16:15 at around 18:30 skip diverted to Poole.  (huge sigh of relief from crew who were not greatly amused at the prospect of a non stop to Falmouth ... yep, no brawn).  Poole beckoned us with arrival at 22:30 after a trip of approx 20 nm (yep no where fast).  Pea soup, Jen's sandwiches and early bed.
At 06:15 crew a little surprised to see our mooring buoy fading into the distance.  Skip was underway ... single handed!  Passage to anvil and portland bill motor sail.  After portland falls we fell 20degrees off course with all sails and peace and quiet from the engine.  A beautiful sailed followed avg 6-7knots over land in 15-20knots of wind.  As wind shifted to south we tightened up our heading and managed to reach Dartmouth without a tack.  ETA Dartmouth 18:30 after passage of 80nm and welcomed by red arrow fly past. Crew now finding new sleeping arrangements as King Neptune managed to wash the f'orard cabin through hatch ... oh well Rob's gear deluged and he's one tough ...... so doesn't really mind.