ARC + 11

Thu 2 Dec 2010 12:09
Hi All.  We are bowling along at between 5 and 6 knots on course after a very good night doing over 6 knts but slightly off course.  We are heading for 14N 33W (the first time I have revealed  this information!) where we will hope to make direct for St Lucia.  About 14 days from now to arrive would be good.
James is fishing today and very quickly caught another fish, the same as the other day but a bit smaller. It was a fair fight but the fish won just as he was coming up to the stern of the boat, so no fish for supper at the moment.
Our celestial navigator (aka  Astro to his friends) is at it again with his sextant but still no position! 
Thank you for giving us info about how we are doing, all encouraging us to speed up which we hope to do after our waypoint and proper trade winds. 
Question for the classes,  what is depicted on the St Lucia flag?  That should be easy for Millie's class who are studying St Lucia.