ARC + 19/20

Sat 11 Dec 2010 16:50
Quite a hectic two days.  The lower part of Our spinnaker pole track came off the mast while we had the genoa poled out which set us back a  bit.  We had several squalls in the night and today plus a rogue wave which soaked us down below because one stupid skippper, who shall remain nameless, left a hatch open.  We hope to be past the squalls soon. 
Now that we are wet we are specially keen to get to Rodney Bay!
We hope to repair the spinnaker track in the moning.
We have not been be to fix the auto pilot and we think we have a short somewhere in th electrics, probably nav lights, still checking.  The tow gen is doing its job but it does slow us down at the lower speeds.
Otherwise all is good and we hope for a wednesday landfall.