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Sun 5 Dec 2010 18:18
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Sent: Saturday, December 04, 2010 7:31 PM
Subject: ARC + 13

Hi Everyone
We have gone as far south as we intend to now and are aiming for a course of 270 to stay where we hope the better wind will be for the next few days and they pick up from this level of about 8 - 13 knots  (not much of the 13 though!) to 10 - 15 tomorrow and more on monday.
It has been a cruising chute day and the chute manged to part our forard nav light from its base.  Now much tape later James has it working again.  Our LED tricolour has failed which means we need the bow and stern which are not LED, a nuisance re power but not enough to go top of mast. 
Our tow gen is doing a great job.
A bit less than 1600 miles to go and we have already done about 1700 miles.  We will well exceed the rhumb line distance 2700 by the time  we finish.  But at least we are now looking forward to better winds.
It is supper time, Nick is producing curry..we always seem to be eating!  Very well so far, what with canapes at lunch time on french toast..We have enough food to last but the choices will become more interesting.