32.17.95n 12.27.60w

Mon 13 Sep 2010 08:08
it is now 8:00 hrs13 sept and we have flat calm seas which seemed unthinkable after our rough outset.  the sky is beautiful and the sun promises a blistering day.  we're under motor as there is nary a drop of wind, but heck it alows us to catch up on lost sleep.
our position is now over 1/2 way with 295 seagull nm to go. we're below lat for madeira and north of essaouira.  arrival all being well sometime wed night.
we had  good sail sun pm when trades emerged to give us 9-12 knots of wind till nightfall.  in that time we once again became dedicated helmsmen (shutting down autohelm) as the price for fishing the sea anchor (skip's tow generator) out of the water and adding 1knot or more of speed.  concentration and gusts gave us up to 6.8knots sog. 
crew all well whiling away the hours with games e.g most absurd reason to call falmouth lifeguard ... to ask for a cornish pasty recipe or design of a perpetual motion dinghy mid atlantic .... electric outboard hooked up to skip's sea anchor. yep, we could be even worse by time of arrival at canaries and return to our owners ... don't say you weren't warned!