ARC minus 2

Fri 19 Nov 2010 13:13
After an astonishing amount of preparation, some more still to do, we are almost ready for the 'OFF' on sunday at 1300hrs.  Lawrence came out to Las Palmas with me 10 days ago. I could never have got ready in time without all his help which has been fantastic.
James and NIck arrived on wednesday.  Followers of these two will be amused to hear that they were both fast asleep by 10pm last night...exhausted!  Skipper is assured that it is his harsh expectations of work to be done and nothing to do with the Fancy Dress party on wednesday night.  We all went as Popeye, no volunteers for Olive Oil.  Nick brought balloons which we put under our T shirt sleeves and painted anchors on forearms.  It does appear to be true that pretty girls are very attracted to large male muscles, we thought the pins wielded by boyfriends were just due to envy.
The boat was lifted out of the water yesterday, Spanish style, a lot of friendly noise and very little understanding on either side.  The crane broke down just as we were being lifted back into the water, Lawrence and I suspended for the next two hours, with even more noise and discussion as van after van loaded with ' experts'  tried to start the engine.  Fortunately James and Nick were on dry land so they went off to do the stores shopping.  This should arrive this morning.  Judging by the till receipt, nearly two metres of it, I am sure that we will trail the fleet by some way.
We have the farewell party tonight anda final  frantic day tomorrow.  I am just wary of the Skippers briefing at midday when no doubt I will discover things I should have thought of.
All in high spirits here getting ready for  first three days of feeling sick!