Snow Leopard
Fri 26 Feb 2010 10:35

Grand Cayman

19:18.2N 81:18.41W


We knew we had to return to the UK in February and when we were in Grenada met a lovely lady, Judy, sailing her yacht Wild Woman (appropriately named I think). She was from Grand Cayman and suggested that might be a good place to leave Snow Leopard as there are direct flights to the UK, and it is only about 160 miles south of Cuba.


After Cuba, landing in Grand Cayman is a big, big culture shock – from the land of shortages to the land of plenty. Our first visit to a Cayman supermarket was like going to heaven.


Judy was still sailing but had given us the phone numbers of a couple of friends who, she said would be happy to help us when we arrived in Grand Cayman. That was an understatement. First a lovely Scottish lady, Pam arrived and took us to the supermarket, and then lent us a car for the duration of our stay, than another friend, Nicole, having heard that we were looking for a safe berth for Snow Leopard offered us the private dock at her vast house, and insisted we use the guest wing whilst staying there. We have been treated royally and I cannot thank them enough for all they have done.


We were particularly happy to get Snow Leopard securely moored up as there was a big northerly blow due, which duly arrived on Wednesday night with the accompaniment of lashing rain, thunder and lightning. The boat was fine and we were tucked up in the opulent guest quarters.


Snow Leopard and boat house


Our guest wing


The whole house!


We fly back to the UK tomorrow (27th February) for a couple of weeks before returning to Cayman to resume our voyage