Less than 900 miles to go! 13:19.21N 45:54.5W

Snow Leopard
Fri 5 Dec 2008 18:15
Hi all,

After a very frustrating few days in light and variable winds, interspersed
by nasty wet and windy squalls, we finally broke clear of a low pressure
trough a few hours ago. Tthe sun came out for the first time in 4 days,
spirits rose and we are pointing towards St Lucia. ETA now tuesday lunchtime

All well on board - no scurvey or nasty sores. We had a bit of a drama last
night when the spinnaker pole started to break up but that has now been
ingeniously repaired and we hardly slowed down.

The boat is a scene of domestic bliss with Lucy making bread and one of the
crew kneeding the dough. He wishes to remain nameless in case his
wife/partner asks him to do same at home thus breaking habits of lifetime.

Just been aked to add: "skipper is being as grumpy as ever" .I can't think
what they are talking about?

Nice to know you are following progress and please keep sending the e-mails.

The Snow Leopard team