Closing in on St Lucia 14:05.0N 56:40.2W

Snow Leopard
Tue 9 Dec 2008 10:05
Well our last note saying we had broken free of a low pressure trough was
a little premature as it caught us up again and we had another night of
light and variable winds. But for the last 2 days we have had 12-15 knot
winds and have done over 200 miles a day meaning that we are now less than 24
hours from St Lucia - so not quite a Tuesday lunchtime arrival, more like
Wednesday morning.

We've had the odd rain squall thrown in to ensure we can't totally relax,
and at night we're attacked by flying fish which keep landing on board,
especially when Keith is on watch as they seem to be particularly attracted
to him .

The fridge is nearly empty and all that remains of our fresh fruit are the
last few oranges, but we can now all but taste that first rum punch......

All Onboard Snow Leopard