Over half way 14:24.6N 38:07.6W

Snow Leopard
Wed 3 Dec 2008 12:14
Compared with the previous few days the last 24 hours or so have been fairly
eventful. We are over half way, with fewer miles now to St Lucia than back
to Las Palmas. We have landed our first fish - the 3 previous 'catches'
having made off with our lures and line. This one was a sizeable wahoo
providing enough filets for both lunch and dinner. As it was Bill who put
out the line and spotted that we had caught something, we have to give him
credit for the catch - shame he doesn't like eating fish! The wind has been
rather fickle with several hours of motoring overnight, but during the day
it was coming from the right direction for once to allow us to head straight
towards St Lucia.

Do keep your e-mails coming, not least becuase it makes us realise that
even though it's overcast and rather hot and sticky onboard, it's still preferable to the weather you are
having back home!

Best wishes from all onboard Snow Leopard