Sandpiper 1200 BST 23 May

Mon 23 May 2022 14:52
50:21.8N 004:10.0W
The wind filled in SW before sunset so we were able to sail into Plymouth sound, arriving around midday. There was a lot of shipping to watch/avoid, especially around the Lizard, so rather little sleep last night. I may have confused border Force/Customs by arriving with a Q flag having been nowhere, but they sorted me out happily.
One ship last night seemed curious: 'W B Yeats' (Poets that pass in the night?) - it should have been obvious without looking up its AIS data - the Dublin Passenger Ferry. The curiosity was its manifest: 'Dangerous Cargo'.
I've come in here because GRIBS suggested an Atlantic front in the channel in the next few days, and with the temperature yesterday that might include thunder. I'll be interested to see if any of that transpires or I'd have been better just continuing up the channel. Anyway, I now have the luxury of a nights sleep ...