Sandpiper 1200 BST 21 May

Sat 21 May 2022 11:36
48:52.9N 008:39.6W
Yesterday's fair wind and weather continued through the afternoon, but the wind died at sunset. We spent several hours drifting with a little sailing, then a NW wind slowly built to f3 and has been with us since. We gybed at 0200 back to a course (80 deg) for the western approaches.
Not too bad a day's run given the wind gap. We are now on the continental shelf - the depth yesterday was 3000m,  today of just 100m. I'm back watching for fishing boats.
There is a strange sensation steering a boat on a clear night with little wind. You move the helm, the boat stays still, but the stars rotate. The feeling that you are steering the universe is amazingly strong. The ancient Polynesian navigators thought of the boat as stationary with the islands and sky flowing past.