Sandpiper 1200 UTC 14 May

Mon 14 May 2018 12:51
46:00.0N 014:02.2W
One week out, and the exam report reads 'needs to make better progress'.
The first few days were roughly as hoped, we headed rather south to avoid the worst of the incoming system. I hope other skippers were safe. Since then it has proved to be dificult to make to the west, mostly tacking 1/2 reefed directly into a strong westerly flow.
These signals have proved difficult to send, probably due to the amount of salt water over the boat. The sea state has also been a problem for cooking - I've only properly cooked 2 meals (using 2 pans) the rest have needed to be instant. I already have some breakdowns but the biggest issue is that the towed generator doesn't, so I'm reliant on engine charging. I will need to look hard at likely progress v fuel, I'm still with shipping and don't wish to risk turning off radio/AIS detection which is my main use of power.