A bit of everything last night.

Wed 3 Dec 2008 18:36
Following on from Fiona's blog yesterday we did go into the night with our asymmetric spinnaker up. It performed really well in the light airs giving us 5 to 7 knots in the 8 to 12 of wind we were getting, about two hours before dawn, the wind got up to 16 then 20 knots and down it came. Within half an hour we had two reefs in the main and three in the genoa, and had winds of over 30 knots with clouds and rain. Fortunately these were largely behind us and we were able to continue to make good time on our way. It did get increasingly rough, and does not seem to have figured in any forecast.
At lunchtime as quickly as it arrived it blew itself out and we were left wallowing in a very lumpy sea without sufficient wind to steady the boat. Another two hours motoring followed in uncomfortable conditions. Then a slight 8 know breeze filled in and we went to see if we could get the spinnaker to fill.
First signs are encouraging but still at very low boat speeds. The clouds and occasional rain persist. Here is Andrew at work raising the spinnaker.
We are concerned about the general lack of wind, emails from boats hundreds of miles ahead and behind show that there are just no consistent trade winds to be seen at the moment and all are motoring when required to get out of holes. Fortunately we have still 3/4 of our diesel left, but will be saving it until there is literally no wind.
Fridge now nearly empty so back to fishing tomorrow, ( if the boat is going fast enough)