Hit by a Willi Willi

Fri 12 Dec 2008 16:35
As we sailed into our penultimate night we took the spinnaker down and had full main and poled out genoa, winds gusting to 25 knots.  Andrew was on watch around 7.30am (gmt so it was still dark) when we were hit and knocked down by a squall, gusting at least 35 knots.  By the time the rest of us gathered ourselves and slipped across the by now wet floor the rain was driving into the companion way.
Peter made it up to the deck first and helped Andrew let out the main and furl the genoa whilst Alex and I battened down the hatches and sat below as it blew through.  About twenty minutes later the rain stopped and the wind dropped and we were able to sit on deck albeit completely soaked drinking cups of tea !
Our last full day at sea now - we hope !  The sea looks wonderful a beautiful iridescent blue which I hope you can see in this photo.
Arrival time looks to be tomorrow afternoon if the wind doesn't completely drop.  Right now we have full main and poled out genoa and are pootling along at about 7 knots in 14 knots of true. Now is traditionally the time to be reflective about the end of a long voyage together etc,etc.. but for us after days of this rolling we just can't wait to get there.
Rum punch beckons ..... !