Day 8

Mon 1 Dec 2008 17:15
We have now decided that rather than keep gradually turning the corner towards St Lucia we are far enough south to miss the hole in the wind predicted for slightly further west of us, and are going due west.
After full spinnaker yesterday afternoon and poled out genoa overnight, we were back on full spinnaker at first light today and debate contiues about whether it will come down this evening as the wind is light and forecast to remain the same. (just like two nights ago when we set the new moondancer speed record in a 30 knot gust!).
Yesterday we were all a bit tired after the events of the previous night but today we are all bright eyed and have turned to all sorts of essential tasks. I caught two dorado even before tea was served and then retired the rods for the day as we have enough ( more than enough) to eat. Even the spinnaker was up before tea. Its also washing day, and we have full water tanks to accomodate this thanks to our trusty watermaker (Zoe).
Now very hot probably 28 degrees, and here is the rest of the crew under the bimini for shade.
Every mile we now sail will be one off our distance to finish, so hopefully the wind will hold and this will start to fall rapidly, and after the slow start to last week that we will be there not too long after Teddy! who gets in on the 12th.