First time aloft at sea

Wed 26 Nov 2008 14:59
Those of you following the story closely will remember, from Andrew's tale of our start, that shortly afterwards we had a problem with our genoa and when this looked serious Fiona offered to go up the mast. In the event the problem was resolved and off we went.
Well, today we lost a halyard up the mast and while we have a reserve thought we should get it back now while conditions were good rather than wait until it was essential.
Fiona stuck to her word and went aloft, (shame on you Andrew) 
Anyway a good result, one halyard retrieved, and spinnaker up. Speed up to 6 knots in ten of true, which is as good as we can hope for until the wind fills in. Sail shown with our ARC flag still flying and a Dufour plug on our main sail bag.
After a lot of excitement, today is now shaping up as a better day.