First week at sea.

Sun 30 Nov 2008 17:15
Today we have been at sea seven days, and have just gone through 1000 miles sailed, we have also today less than 2000 to go. The wind related decision to stay close to the Cape Verde Isles like many of the rest of the fleet means that our crossing will be closer to 3000 miles than the 2800 we expected, this coupled with a some light days at the start of last week, mean that we will not be looking at a quick crossing even now that we seem to have found some wind. We will not go short of food though and still seem to have an enormous amount of fresh to get through ' before it goes off' , so fishing is back on hold again.
On the positive front no-one seems to have had time to be bored maybe that will change by the end of next week. Part of the reason seems to be that days are short even if the climate is anything but wintery.
Our mileage seems to be gradually increasing, yesterday we had the full spinnaker up until dusk in about 16 knots of breeze making good time, we then replaced this with the poled out genoa and full main. After a couple of quieter hours the wind gradually filled in until at 4am it was all hands on deck to reef the main after the wind just topped 30 knots. Whatever happened to reef early! We had been able to keep the sail up as going straight downwind, it was a very bouncy ride, a bit like being on a fairground ride inside a washing machine. We had several hours at 8 or 9 knots of boat speed and a new record set for Moondancer of 11.4 knots.
Today the winds gradually subsided and we got the reef out mid-morning, since then steady if not fast progress, but now at least heading almost at St Lucia, so our daily distances to go should start falling more quickly.