Pescatorial adventures

Fri 28 Nov 2008 15:07
Those knowing my preparations for the ARC well will be wondering why there has been no mention of fishing yet. Well much to my dismay various rounds of cooking meals in the days before we left, then buying a weeks worth of fresh meat, then the contents of two supermarkets' deli counters, then a few other bits just in case, means that we have been deluged with things that need to be eaten up.
Here is Andrew so keen to get into the kitchen at breakfast time today, that he is still in life jacket coat and hat.
While we worked through the food mountain I could not bring myself to try and catch anything that could not be eaten so have held fishing off until today when we the end of our fresh stores is in sight. So two lines in the water an hour later a double strike, one got away, but one is supper. It is a dorado, mahimahi, or dolphin fish depending on where you come from and is the best eating. Supper will be early tonight!