400 miles to go

Thu 11 Dec 2008 18:22
Our biggest day yet today, 179 miles (by the ARC office we made it 180!) So  closing in on the finish line and looking increasingly good for Saturday evening rather than Sunday morning but, we need the wind to hold for that.
Had a good but very rolly night, which has continued today, No other ARC boats seen since passing Hound Dog yesterday, we did think that as we converged on St Lucia we might see some more.
Now focussing on being there and all that that entails.  Lovely showers, proper loos and comfy (bar) chairs !  The boat is looking a bit worse for wear inside as we put off doing housekeeping jobs until we get there !
Attached is photo of Fiona and me and is of no particular significance except that she complained that most photos were either of me with a fish or Andrew doing repairs !  Two more nights to go.....
Brief log due to rolling computer station, hopefully more tomorrow.