Katy all dressed up

Katy the Konsort
Gary O'Grady
Fri 10 Jun 2022 01:08
Katy was dressed today for the rally. I say today but we actually did it at about 1 am as we wanted to be first on parade which was achieved. It made other boats a little guilty who eventually got their bunting up but not as good as Katy or on time! We had the initial crew meet tonight at Plymouth Corinthian and was good to meet some crew I've met before in other events. Tomorrow there is the rally dinner which I think we need to dress up for so more on that later. We've been busy on more jobs today as it takes a lot of work to convert a coastal cruiser in to an ocean cruiser and is mainly aimed at safety. We had our safety check today from 2 inspectors from the rally safety team (Craig & Roger) which went well with just a bit of water and 2 flares needed to be added to our emergency grab bags.

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