Sundayu 11/12 Day 21 - I'm Scared!

Cara of the South - Westward Ho!
Gary O'Grady
Mon 12 Dec 2022 18:17
Many weeks ago Larry went on a first aid course, a specialist first aid at sea course provided by our good friends and excellent training centre, Hamble School of Yachting. He learned and discovered many new things on this course and one particular device caught his imagination and interest, a skin stapler. I mention this only because I added this to our menagerie of medical devices at Larry's insistence and he has since been looking for a reason, any reason, no matter how frivolous, to use it. This almost transpired today if I hadn't been quick enough to clean up the blood and hide my injury. I was innocently cleaning behind the oven and the back of my hand caught something sharp down there giving me a bit of a cut which wouldn't stop bleeding. It just needed a plaster which I administered before Larry noticed anything but once he caught sight of my plaster he was visibly animated and excited with the thoughts of stapling my hand back together. It took him less than a second to remember the device was in the medical kit. I now fear that I will wake with my head stapled to the cabin table.

In addition to the oven I also cleaned the heads, I've been very useful today. I say clean the heads but its more akin to mucking out the rhino enclosure at London Zoo. I don't need to be any more descriptive than 2 big blokes, small boat and one heads. I'm joking actually as my heads is a very very clean environment. I've installed a number of devices to make it clean and smelling sweetly but still needs a good clean now and again which was today.

Progress was good with 121 miles run and we're pretty confident to cover more tomorrow with the trade winds really coming in now. Its strange to think that French Guiana in South America is now the closest landfall. Amazing where you can end up when you take the wrong turn at The Needles.