Wednesday 7/12 Day 17 Turned West

Cara of the South - Westward Ho!
Gary O'Grady
Sat 10 Dec 2022 07:10
At midday today we gybed westwards which we hope will take us to St. Lucia. We've been putting a lot of south in our course and we hope its enough to keep in the consistent winds. Its not as far south as we'd planned but the wind feels good so only time will tell. Just 1600 miles to go! Provisions are still looking good and we haven't run out of anything important. We're certainly not eating anywhere near what I'd planned for and I guess this is purely down to lack of movement. The only thing we've run out of is ginger nut biscuits as Larry just tore in to them and they were gone in a few days. No will power. I don't eat them myself.