Tuesday 6/12 Day 16 - Nearly Ready to Turn

Cara of the South - Westward Ho!
Gary O'Grady
Wed 7 Dec 2022 15:14
Tomorrow will be big day for us in this journey as we will turn west and all of a sudden our VMG to St. Lucia will be a lot less depressing. For the last few days every slow mile south has meant only a third or half a mile towards St. Lucia which makes very depressing log keeping. We have a target to get in to St. Lucia on 19th December, a day before my family get there as I intend to get incredibly drunk immediately on arrival. I think Larry also agrees with this plan. We actually overtook another boat today, have no idea who they were as they were not on AIS but the feeling was pretty good. Fishing is not so productive with quite a lot of weed around collecting on the line. We've seen this weed almost all the time so fishing is scuppered for a bit.