ARC Rally Office Opens - Check in

Cara of the South - Westward Ho!
Gary O'Grady
Mon 7 Nov 2022 12:23

I got checked in today and have my safety inspection tomorrow between 09:00 and 11:00. It will be Roger Seymour once again who did my check in Plymouth and also the tutor for my offshore safety course at Hamble. I got some shopping done today at the nearest Hipodino supermarket which is about a 20 minute walk from the marina. There is a minimart in the marina but is fairly limited and quite expensive. The first sundowners social event was in the dinghy park today. There is one if these every night at 18:30 with a different company sponsoring 2 free beers for each crew member. After this I had a spag bowl dinner with Paul on board his cat ‘Pelican’. This is a 50’ Prout catamaran which he built himself being from the boat building trade himself. It was a very pleasant evening listening to blues and drinking beer.


I just noticed Katy made it on to the website once again looking very colourful.



Best Regards


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