Nearly There

Cara of the South - Westward Ho!
Gary O'Grady
Thu 3 Nov 2022 11:00
The to do list is almost gone with a lot probably best left til nearer the departure date from Las Palmas. I of course need to leave enough to keep Larry occupied before the bars of Las Palmas distract him from his diligent labours. I spoke to a couple of guys today who had just arrived and needed a lift to Las Palmas which was fine with me. A extra hand or two is always welcome. Sadly I was leaving too late for one and too early for another so I’ll be going solo as originally planned. Weather on route couldn’t be better and may be a little light wind. I do though need to get going before the swell arrives from a low steaming across the North Atlantic. This marina is particularly affected by swell. Last year the crew of a big cat had to man the fenders for 36 hours when a similar swell occurred.