Sunday 4/12 Day 14 - No Wind

Katy the Konsort
Gary O'Grady
Mon 5 Dec 2022 12:12
The wind has completely died now. We did have the parasailor up for a time but once the wind drops below 4 knots its pretty much a hopeless cause. We put the engine on at 15:00 to head SW to try and find some wind but Its a long way to the 12th latitude where there is steady wind so we're hoping to motor just for a few hours to see if we can pick up at least an F2 wind which can carry us slowly SW. At first it seemed like we got no propulsion from the engine and propeller so brave Larry dived in to do an inspection of the hull under the water. Larry has a fear of deep water so this was a particularly courageous action. I made him a cup of tea when he got out so all was well. The fishing reel also looks to be broken as we can't get an indication of a fish on so this now gets added the the repair list for Larry tomorrow.