Back on Board

Katy the Konsort
Gary O'Grady
Fri 21 Oct 2022 17:56
I’ve just had a reminder from my crew mate Larry that I hadn’t updated the blog and I’m glad he did as I totally forgot.

After nearly 3 months away I finally got back on board Katy today. Boy is it hot in the cabin!! Even with all hatches open it’s like a furnace. It’s probably just the sudden difference in temperature as the temperatures in August were higher. It will also cool down a bit once at sea, I hope. I’m going to try the mini air conditioner we have on board to see if that helps but the open hatches always seemed better.

I’m meeting a rigger tomorrow at 2 to have a good look over the rig. I also have another rig check booked in Las Palmas. No harm in multiple opinions but with the last few fchecks all has been well. The one in Las Palmas is free as the insurance company (Admiral) have arranged this for all their clients setting off on the ARC. Admiral are Aldi sponsoring one of the ‘Sundowner’ events in Las Palmas on 15th November so free booze. Can’t miss that. There’s a few of these sponsored sundowners so should be fun. I’ll be heading over there to arrive on 6th November