Friday 15/12 Day 26 - Maintenance Day

Cara of the South - Westward Ho!
Gary O'Grady
Sun 18 Dec 2022 08:10
I had a full on day with maintenance today. I had to change the 5V battery
in the heads water freshener thing. I started by locating the battery and the
tools for the job, a flat head screwdriver. I did this soon after breakfast
and once ready it was time for the morning coffee break. When I returned to
my screwdriver and battery the battery was no longer there and had, like my
coffee mug previously, flung itself somewhere in the cabin. I found the
little bugger in the end and got to work unscrewing the case of its one
screw. I then removed the old battery and put it on the shelf above the
heads, then came another swell and it too flung itself (with the new one)
across the heads. Now I didn't know which was the old and which was the new,
ah its a fifty fifty choice. I put one in (the wrong one) and started
thinking about lunch. I then got distracted until lunchtime after which was
my siesta til 15:00. I then went back to the heads to switch the batteries
round, mulling over why I have to do so much work today. By about 16:00 I
had my tool put away and the old battery in the bin and it was time for
afternoon break after which was clearly too late to continue the job list.
Changing the bedding will have to wait til tomorrow and due to the complex
nature of the job may indeed have to be split over two days.

I advised the ARC Rally Control that we might be a little tardy to get to
the finish line but I think they may have made that calculation themselves
some time ago.. We've left our sprint finish far too late.

Looks like a finish next Wednesday I guess.

Daily run today 127 miles