The Bight, Norman Island

Tue 31 Jan 2017 15:09
> 18:19.30N 64:37.50W

> This has to be one of my favorite places just to chill out. It is a well protected, horse shoe of an anchorage with a sandy beach and dingy dock at the far end with two, stylish, open air restaurants with relaxed, outdoor sofas and chairs. There is also the infamous 'Willy T' party boat anchored off the East side. James dragged me along kicking and screaming one night for the experience, (he enjoyed himself there thirty years (yes thirty years) ago! To be perfectly honest, we had already enjoyed a few homemade piña coladas onboard at this stage. On securing our dingy to the dock a naked man jumped off the balcony in front of us to screams of encouragement from above! We had a great time chatting to our new French Canadian friends, I danced like I hadn't danced in absolute ages, everyone really let themselves go. Unfortunately, on getting back in the dingy I slipped and face planted the floor with much hilarity. The following morning my knee was a bit stiff and our heads were banging, I wanted to leave the anchorage at dawn before the rest of the revellers were awake but ended up reading in bed until James announced that our new Canadian Friends were approaching our boat for a show around! What disgraceful behaviour for someone of James' age! Lol. From anchoring in the Bight we also dingied to both the Caves and over to the Indians for a snorkel. The water clarity was incredible and the abundance of different varieties of fish and corals was amazing, my Sea Doo has also been a Godsend whilst I am still under power on my finning. The anchorage has been so calm each time we have anchored here, so we spent a good couple of hours we me sitting on the front of the SUP whilst James paddled us around the shallows looking at the flora and fauna on the coast, amazing cacti and loads of Pelicans constantly plunging into the waters around us, scooping up amongst the huge shoals of little, silver bait fish. Really lovely spot.
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