Day 10 At Sea

Mon 5 Dec 2016 13:26
18:33.3N 033:13.6W

Not a lot to report I’m afraid, but we promised Fi (James’ sister) an update every 4 days, so a blog there will be!

When is a shoal not a shoal?…when it is a flock of flying fish. Loads of them darting over the waves around us, James rescued the first one off deck yesterday yet there is more evidence on the foredeck with scales everywhere. A few days ago James spotted a “blow” about 200 meters off, then again and we saw a humped back whale surfacing numerous times before plunging below, his great tail above the surface, then we saw another 2 a bit further off doing the same. We were also joined yesterday by a huge pod of smaller brown speckled dolphins, you could see them darting through the swell from a miles or so off.

After reaching our first waypoint just off the North West coast of the Verdes we found ourselves once again in calm seas with very little wind 3-8 knts. This was great kite flying weather and life onboard is relatively easy, but we weren’t making good daily milage. Since leaving the Canaries we have ranged between 126nm and 166 nm days but are eager to get to Antigua.
So after receiving a weather update yesterday we altered course and continued more south to hunt the 15-20 Easterly trade winds.

It is hot, hot, hot onboard and we have put all sun shades up. James realises that he has to do jobs early in the day and usually has to have a cold shower on deck after completed. Im now typing this sitting under the shade in the cockpit, David Grey crooning on the sound system, wrapped in sarong, floppy hat and factor 50 sun screen. Since sailing into the tropics the seas have turned a vibrant cobalt blue and look very inviting.