Such a Perfect Day

Sun 18 Dec 2016 11:38
18:34.3N 033:06.1W
> Day 10 turned out to be a near perfect day at sea. It would be absolutely perfect if we had another 5 knots of wind, we are quite relaxed continuing a bit further south to hunt down the trade winds but have a pretty comfortable ride with staysail and headsail out wing n wing.
> Its hot and we have sunshades up to give us a bit of protection from the ferocious sun (by 10am). Day started out with a frozen fresh fruit smoothy, momentous day to vacuum pack the duvets and swap for the bantom weight ones, manicure, reading kindle, feta salad with Paul Hollywood part baked rolls hot from the oven. Then with feet off the stern we spot a huge whale blow just in time to sea the massive unmistakable head of a sperm whale breaching followed by another one, they played and breached several times before disappearing below…absolutely awesome! We celebrated with a mini almond magnum each. Late afternoon as the sun was cooling we sat in the cockpit playing rummy, much to James’ frustration I had an incredible run of luck until I couldn’t do it to him any longer and suggested he took off his mirrored sunglasses if he was playing cards! lol I then spotted a dark shadow just under the surface running down the side of the boat, James and I kept a sharp eye out and it circled and came around again with its dorsal fin just breaking the surface, it was brownish and about 12-14 foot long, it swam around us a few times before heading off and jumping over the wave, we’re not sure what that was. Saw another yacht on the horizon about 8 miles off, James got his binoculars out as it was not showing up on our AIS and he likes to make radio contact with passers by to get their story and hopefully have a race, but they didn’t contact us either. Water maker is proving to be a great investment, producing approx 26 litres an hour allowing us to have lovely showers daily and no concern about drinking water. unbelievable to think one minute it is part of the deep Atlantic ocean next minute its in our glass to drink. Evian is about 320ppm and we are producing water at around 200-250ppm..perfect.