Puerto Mogan

Thu 24 Nov 2016 15:10
Puerto Mogan Gran Canaria 27:49.00N 015:45.51W

The two and a half sailing days started well, with great sailing with the kite up first day, then winds died to 2-5 knots only and we had to motor the rest of the way. We nearly ran over 2 pilot whales too!

This busy little marina on the south west coast of Gran Canaria is really picturesque, with surrounding restaurants and little (touristy tat) shops. There is a golden sandy beach to the right which again is heaving with row upon row of sun beds and parasols and lined by restaurants all offering 'special menus'!

We are moored stern too to the main walkway which is practically only a few steps from where the ferries drop of the hoards of day trippers. It's like being in a goldfish bowl, We can be sitting in the cockpit having a bit of lunch or cuppa and we have a crowd peering down on us with cameras and craning their necks to get a better look inside! Lol

We hired a car yesterday and drove an hour and a half around the coast for a visit to James' favorite chandlers in Las Palmas, got a few replacement filters for the water maker, a replacement gas bottle, a few screws and discussed epoxy with the owner at great length then drove back again.

James is struggling with back ache at the moment which isn't great at trying to get well rested before we set off (Saturday probably).
He has got downloading the weather grib files down to a fine art, although it doesn't look like we have favourable winds at the moment and the trade winds aren't set in yet, so we will get what we get I guess.

My leg although not swollen is very stiff, it feels like I have a tight bandage around my knee, walking any distance is slow and quite exhausting, so I must keep up the physio along the way, swimming and snorkelling is going to help immensely.

We are off to stock up on food supplies today and James is ticking the last few jobs and checks off his list (it never ends).

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