St Barths

Sat 31 Dec 2016 15:45
17:54.06N 062:51.41W
We love St Barths, lots of people watching and some enormous and quite gluttonous luxury yachts all lined up in the marina, and those that are too large for the marina are dotted around the outer bay allowing room for the helicopters to land on the foredecks.  We split up allowing each other time alone, James to not feel pressurised for time in the chandlers and me free to amble around the boutiques, having said that we met up in Bar D’Loubi a few hours later both empty handed, at least it left us with a bit of money to buy 2 coffees with (Euro 12)!!!!.  the following day we walked to Shell Beach and Do Brazil only to find it closed for a freshen up and paint, as I cant walk too far we got a taxi to take us around to Baie St Jean, now this really is the place to be for a long and lazy Saturday lunch, the place was absolutely buzzing with a superb sax player accompanying the DJ sounds.  We had a great table infront of the beach where we could watch the various tenders trying to get the beautiful people ashore in the surf or come and pick up their numerous ribboned and rope handled shopping bags and get them safely back to their mega yachts.  James bought me the most stunning necklace for Christmas that we found in an eclectic little boutique shop at the end of the back street. Christmas day we went ashore for a coffee and bit of brekkie in order to get wifi to facetime and email home, before setting off for St Martin.