Gran Canaria - Antigua. At Sea Day 4

Tue 29 Nov 2016 12:14
23:35.5N 020:34.3W (379 nm done)

After fuelling up we departed Porto Mogan at 15.30 on Saturday 26th Nov. With blue skies and seas we had a lovely day sailing but then winds went light so had to have the engine on. We both felt a bit rough the first night with the rolling and I ended up taking to my bunk with my beloved saucepan at 19.00! James is a real trooper and carried through his watch the whole night leaving me trying to sleep. The following day we had light winds and got the kite out and had a glorious hot and sunny day under sail. we have been joined by dolphins (smaller variety) everyday, and I have inched my way up to the bow using James as a stabiliser when the hand rail runs out and wrapping myself around the furled staysail to watch them, we whistle and shout at them and they turn on their sides and look up at us. We have had the engine on since and we have calculated this morning that we have used approx 110 litres out of our 340 litre supply, so lets hope we get some wind soon (although not too much!). We have set the same heading as last year approx 200 miles north west of the Verdes and seem to be making good course. Due to the light winds the seas are calm so life on board and sleeping is a lot easier, we have an incredible sunset last night (approx 18.30) the whole sky looked like it was on fire, and this morning James said the sunrise was just as impressive as the seas are so still and oily, he was also joined at sunrise by the dolphins so I missed out! funny thing happened the other evening, an alarm went off on the plotter which James dealt with, something about 'auto pilot reset’ , he then went for a shower whilst I prepared dinner, chop chop chop chop chopping! when he came out and looked out the window and down to the plotter he exclaimed “what the f*ck?’ turns out we had done 2 and a half, full half mile circles and where now heading in the wrong direction………
Moral is high, its hot, still and sunny and James has just stripped off to perfect his tan and Im onto my 10th book ‘Fall of Giants’ which I can’t put down! Despite buying a cheap and nasty floppy sun hat in Gran Canaria for €7 i have still managed to get my panda eyes much to James’ ridicule every morning when he twit twoos me with a laugh! xxx