Mon 14 Nov 2016 16:47
Cascais and Lisbon 38:41.2N 009:25.8W

Had a nice lie in this morning and when I eventually came out on deck the sun was shining and James was champing at the bit to get up the mast to fit strengthening plates to the lower shrouds. So armed with our amazing electric winch handle I got him up there and left him to it whilst I did a bit of housework. Quite a hive of activity in the marina despite it being off season, with all the comings and goings of all types of vessels and crew....Elderly Canadian Guy on his Bowman 49 next to us couldn't wait to chat to James about the shocking Us Presidential Election, French family moored late afternoon, rather portly husband and 2 young girls on a scruffy looking yacht, they had a slanging match as the halyard hadn't been tied on and so one of them was going to have to get hauled up the mast and I'm sure it wasn't going to be him! (Actually when we got back to the boat late evening in the dark, she was being lowered down in tears James noticed) Fabulous new catamaran came in with plastic still wrapped around the fenders, probably crew doing yacht delivery, spindly guy doing yoga on the foredeck of another smaller catamaran. We spoke briefly to a nice, English, middle aged couple who had 'retired early' sold everything and were now living permanently on their yacht, but we couldn't understand where the enjoyment might be in staying in a small Portuguese Marina for 4 winter months.... Everyone with their own story to tell.

We took our bikes on the train around the coast to Lisbon. Huge open squares with statues and restaurants overlooking the river mouth, before heading under the ornate arch to the hustle and bustle of the shopping streets. Most of the roads and pavements were granite paved, but the shopping areas were OK to cycle around, I even managed to go in a few shops, whilst James waited patiently out side, although no purchases were made! We stopped at an open air cafe lined with deckchairs and filled to overflowing with locals enjoying the end of day sunshine overlooking the river.

Friday we went to the supermarket for fresh produce and milk, settled up with Marina and topped up fuel before heading off the 476 nm to Porto Santo. (Approx 3 and half days)

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