La Coruna

Sat 5 Nov 2016 16:04
La Coruna 43’22N 008’23W
466NM without unzipping the cover from main sail, no wind!!
I have been with James for over 5 years now and listened to his constant tales of his dreadful experiences whilst crossing the ‘Bay of Certain Death’  Obviously my silent prays didn’t land on deaf ears and although it was overcast and grey skies, we were given slight seas and only 5-10 knots of wind.  the crossing was therefore pretty uneventful apart from lots of encounters with dolphins some of which lasted for an hour or more.  I read a couple of books, cooked some nice meals, (even if I do say so myself) and even managed to give a few hours kip whilst keeping watch.
I  was really surprised by the city.  It has large open spaces around the marina, all paved and well maintained with numerous sitting areas, play parks and statues with water fountains.  My leg was stiff and I hobbled along to the square on our our first evening ashore for a glass of vino and a bit of people watching.  James got the Bromptons out the following day and I managed to cycle for a good few hours approx 10 miles around the peninsular, to the white sandy beach and around to Hercules Light House, which is the oldest working lighthouse left in the world and built by the Romans. (You see, we can be quite cultural when we like!) We enjoyed a late lunch/early supper in the square before an early night aboard.
Following morning we topped up the fuel cans, 200 litres (10 cans) and headed off to Baiona.