Day 15 at Sea

Sat 10 Dec 2016 12:59
15:31.3N 044:33.0W

We are now well and truly in the trades. With the fresh 20/30knots of wind come the waves, pretty large swells with white tops, but Escapade is surfing over them 9/10/11 knots! We are on course and hurtling towards Antigua, counting down the days now, probably another 6.

We had our first bit of rain last night apparently (I was sleeping) which at least washed the salty decks and sticky cockpit down. We haven’t seen any whales or even dolphins since we’ve had these sea conditions. Im still managing some nice tasty meals, but am down to the last 4 apples and 4 tomatoes (which are looking a tad sorry for themselves) and 2 inches of cucumber, after that its tins tins tins pasta and rice so I have to get inspired and inventive.

Not a lot to report really, just lots of reading, keeping out of the fierce sun and trying to find something to talk about! lol