las Palmas Marina Life

Thu 26 Nov 2015 20:22
Las Palmas Marina is the largest in the Canary Islands with some 1,250 berths. Needless to say, the Chandlery's dotted around the marina are proving to be magnetic to James...he is like a kid in a sweet shop! There is a really laid back atmosphere around the marina, even though it is relatively quiet now the ARC has departed. Our pontoon is a hive of activity with great commerardary amongst the boat owners, with everyone repairing sails or cleaning down equipment etc preparing their yachts for onward journies

Gran Canaria has a population of 850t with approx half of them living in the Capital on the North Eastern tip. The marina is separated from the main town by a busy motorway with a long promenade. We walked into the town yesterday afternoon for me to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything, but found it to be a built up, sprawling grid, with very little sunshine getting through to the streets and not a lot to recommend a visit in all honesty.

Yesterday evening James popped into the sailmakers to enquire about halyard shackles and was delighted to be invited by the shop owner to go along this morning with his new halyard and be given a lesson on splicing! So that's where he is now whilst I sit here at the cafe having a coffee waiting for the washing machine to finish in the laundrette....oh how my life has changed! Lol

Many hours later and I have been on a bike ride in the glorious sunshine and stumbled across some lovely pretty areas on the outskirts of the southern end of the marina. James has very nearly exhausted his list of jobs to do, the main one to replace the water maker membrane and make sure it was up and running and producing water purer than Evian before we leave here on Saturday...tick!

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