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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Sun 9 Jan 2011 14:33
Hi Folks!
It's Sunday 9th January 2011. We flew to Trinidad and arrived at the boatyard at 8 p.m. (midnight UK time as we're 4 hours behind you). Took our rum punch with us to wander round the boats in the dark and met some Swiss who told us that about 15 boats were planning to cross all together through pirate territory to Grenada in 36 hours' time! Oh Boy! We had one day to paint the hull, clean it up, get some supplies, put on the sails and lines, ropes etc.. a hell of a challenge, up at 6 a.m., I skimmied up the mast, while Kit winched my line. At last we were launched ... engine started first time! Whoopee! We motored off across to Customs and to buy our supplies.. and...... engine broke down! 2 dinghies came and rescued us towing us back to the marina! Good start. 
Anyway, we managed to fix it and got everything we needed working....Then it started to pour down for the next few hours!! Real tropical rains!! ... and off we set the next day about 3 p.m. When we were 7 miles off Trinidad a fishing boat came up to us and said we had sailed through their net and broken it, which we hadn't and it would cost 2000 dollars to get a new one....!! I went down to the radio to tell all the boats on Channel 06 in case they became agressive, but they eventually left us. A bit scary. But that was the only thing that happened and we arrived 7 a.m. at Prickly Bay. A good sail all night as we had an easterly.
We've been scrubbing and fixing things since then - in the sunshine.
Must sign off now as the steel band has started up on Hog's Island beside us, so must head off for the yachtie's Sunday lunchtime bash....  Emily and Bryony you'll remember this place from last year. P.S. Superyacht still there off our favourite little island where we used to drop anchor.
We hope to buy a local phone tomorrow, so will let you know the number very soon.
love to all our girls and friends and family